Whitsunday Islands

This is a stunning three days trip to the Whitsunday Islands on a very remarkable ship.
Solway Lass, the famous 127ft traditional Tallship is the largest overnight Tallship sailing the Whitsunday Islands. Built in 1902 in the Netherlands of German Blue Steel with timber decking and superstructure as a sail powered coastal trader working the Baltic and North Seas. In 1915 Solway Lass
was seized as a prize of war by the British and used as a Q-Ship during WWI. Q-Ships, with their shallow hull were used as decoys to bring submarines to the surface, when they surfaced the cannons on the deck of SL would give the subs 'what for'.

Whitsunday Islands
Day 1
Whitsunday Islands
Day 2
Whitsunday Islands
Day 3

At the end of WWI, SL worked as a coal merchant and produce vessel between Liverpool and Scottish Ports. In 1924 sold to a Scottish firm from the Solway Firth where she was first named 'Solway Lass'. During the 2nd World War SL hit a mine and sank, however the Germans refloated and repaired her because SL was useful as a sail-powered ice breaker. After WWII Solway Lass served in the South Pacific as a Cargo Vessel, however in the early 1980's new faster cargo vessels left SL outdated and as a result she fell into disrepair. In 1984 Tim Lloyd from Sydney purchased SL in Fiji and had her sailed to Sydney. For two years SL was totally rebuilt and in 1988 took pride. of place in the 1st Fleet re-enactment of Tallships into Sydney Harbour.
SL was rebuilt again in 1999 for Whitsundays overnight charter trips. Each trip takes up to 32 guests on a Tallship sailing adventure of a lifetime.
She celebrated her 110 Birthday in October 2011.

Source: www.soxsail.com.au